Monday, March 28, 2011

gnomeSpeak ~ Let’s talk with computers...

GNU/Linux is one of the most popular Open Source Software (OSS) / Free Software (FS) Operating System and it is increasingly important that it be accessible to users with vision impairments, while making the access by non-visually impaired easier. Though assistive technologies like Braille translation and screen magnification are widely used, audio remains the most easily accessible and widespread channel that can be relied upon for non visual human computer interaction. While lot of work happened in the software development to assist the visually impaired, they provide only voice input and not auditory feedback, making it difficult for those who rely on non visual interaction. This is a prototype solution built using GVC and Festival to make the system controllable via speech and is self-voicing so that a visually-impaired user doesn’t need to rely on the mouse pointer to invoke actions or look at the monitor to see the result. Tamil Language models are trained using CMU SphinxTrain.
Let’s talk with multilingual computers...
Enjoy the screen casts!

gnomeSpeak - English

gnomeSpeak - Tamil